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Secondary employment for professors

The office of university professor occupies a special position from the perspective of civil law, as the execution of the core duties of research and teaching are protected by academic freedom. Due to this special status, the duties of a professor differ from those of other civil servants and, as such, so do the regulations concerning secondary employment for universities.

The classification of work as secondary employment depends on there being a clear distinction between such work and the main employment.

As university professors determine the content of their teaching and research - leaving aside the obligation to teach - their area of duties must be understood in very broad terms, and in individual cases can also embrace related disciplines. The professor enjoys a level of flexibility and has the possibility to shift the borders regarding secondary employment in the area of research. The right to academic self-determination means that professors have, in principle, the right to decide whether they wish to see an academic activity as part of their main or secondary employment. For this reason it is often difficult, from an organizational perspective, to assign a professor's sphere of activities to either their main employment or secondary employment.

As soon as it appears likely that a professor will receive an additional payment for work which they plan to undertake, then it can be assumed that this constitutes secondary employment, as the professor is already being paid for their official duties.

It is important to understand that academic activities generally enjoy privileges regarding secondary employment. In accordance with the University Secondary Employment Act (HNtVO), blanket approval is very often provided for secondary employment for academic activities, although notification is always required.

Responsibility for checking, from a legal perspective, when and if permission is required for secondary employment resides with the personnel department. This responsibility requires further information concerning the nature and scope of the intended secondary employment as well as the amount of the anticipated payment.

We kindly request that applications for secondary employment be submitted to the Human Resources Department via the dean of your faculty. Additional information concerning the nature, scope and payment of secondary employment can be submitted directly to the relevant member of Personnel in a sealed envelope marked "application to follow/Antrag ist unterwegs".

For every application for, or notification of, secondary employment the dean of the relevant faculty should confirm that, in undertaking secondary employment, there will be no negative effect regarding official interests and that no reservations exist concerning a possible negative impact on the proper fulfilling of  duties. It is understood in this declaration that teaching duties will be fulfilled in proper order.

The application is then checked by Personnel who will make an appropriate decision concerning approval.

We would like to inform you that retrospective approval for secondary employment is not legally permissible. Please ensure that you provide notification of, or apply for, your intended secondary employment in good time.

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