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Web-based application for registering requests for secondments to EU countries - A 1 certificate

We are delighted to inform you that starting end of July 2020 you will also have the opportunity to digitally register travel data for secondments within the EU.

Please note that no digital application option is available for civil servants. Applications for civil servants have to be submitted in hard copy. Forms can be downloaded from the website of the Deutsche Verbindungsstelle Krankensicherung - Ausland (DVKA).

You can learn how to access the web-based applications to register yourself for a secondment to an EU country via instructions below.

Please note that a valid TAN is required to access these applications. Information about the TAN procedure is available from Campus Management via Quick Access 74276.

If you have not completed the provisioning procedure or if your secondment is to a non-EU country, such as the US, China, etc., then you are still required to submit your application via IITX 63 or IIT 87.

Please note that your right to access these web-based applications will be withdrawn once your employment at the University ceases.



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