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Since 01.12.2013 University staff have been able to take advantage of the Jobticket offered by TU Berlin in collaboration with the S-Bahn Berlin GmbH. This currently represents a 5% discount on the price of a normal ticket.

This joint undertaking was restructured with effect from 01.06.2014 as a result of a new framework agreement between TU Berlin and the S-Bahn GmbH.

The main amendments introduced by the agreement are as follows:

  • Entry to the scheme is possible on the 1st day of each month. Registration must be made with the S-Bahn by the 10th calendar day of the previous month. Previously only two entry dates were possible (1.6. and 1.12.).
  • Central support and billing for the VBB Jobticket is the responsibility of S-Bahn GmbH. New applications, changes and refunds etc. are directly processed by the Abo-Center (subscription tickets) or service points of the S-Bahn Berlin GmbH. The relevant team within human resources only need confirm on the order form, which now includes a SEPA mandate, that the applying party works at TU Berlin. 
  • A reduction of the annual handling fee for customers to EUR 1.
  • Delivery of the individual monthly tickets (once per year) to the employee’s address (tickets are no longer issued to the TU Berlin).
  • Employee liability for unpaid sums. A credit check of employees is performed by one of the companies engaged by the S-Bahn for this purpose.


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