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Capital-forming benefits

The right to capital-forming benefits (Vermögenswirksame Leistungen) for employees covered by collective agreements is based on Section 23 TV-L BH and on section 15 TVA-L BBIG for trainees.

The following eligibility conditions apply:

•       There must be an investment contract in the sense of the laws of capital forming (VermBG)

•       The employment contract must be planned for a minimum of six months

•       Capital-forming benefits are only paid in calendar months where the employee is entitled to at least one day's pay according to a remuneration table, continued payment of remuneration or sickness benefit.

•       Payment of the savings contribution must be made on a monthly basis.

Amount of capital-forming benefits

Employees covered by collective agreements employed on a full-time basis receive a capital-forming benefit of EUR 6.65 per month.

Staff employed on a part-time basis receive payment as a percentage based on the agreed working hours.

Trainees receive a monthly capital-forming benefits payment of EUR 13.29.

No supplementary pension payments are due on capital-forming benefits.


The right to receive capital-forming benefits begins at the earliest for the calendar month in which you submit us your application in writing as well as the previous two months for the same calendar year.

The application can be downloaded here and sent or handed in to your assigned personnel team together with the confirmation for the employer.

Civil servants receive capital-forming benefits in accordance with the appropriate regulations.


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